October 09, 2006

The Campaigne for [western] nuclear disarmament

As everybody knows by now North Korea has tested it's atomic bomb, the result of which might be a nasty letter from the un and that's about it. I expect that Kim Jong-Il is quaking in is boots about that one. This is obviously big news and the Englishman points us to the home page of the Campaigne for [Western] Nuclear Disarmament, obviously they will be up in arms about this new nuclear threat, especially as it is controlled by probably the most insane of all the tin pot dictators (not that anyone in North Korea can afford a tin pot thanks to his and his father's misrule).

Well actually no. They have a campaigne against a repalcement for Trident, as you would expect, and against nuclear power (obviously prefering CO2 belching coal power stations). But they also have a campaigne against NATO, and one to avoid any attacks on the Iranian nuclear installations that are rapidly progressing towards their own bomb. Nothing about North Korea at all.


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